Are you ready to begin your most enchanted adventure into art and music history?

The Academy Of The Enchanted Arts is a self-study online learning school for highly creative souls with a passion for art and music history, who also possess a deeply enchanted heart.

Unlike anything out there in the arts learning space, the Academy Of The Enchanted Arts seeks to educate, inspire and to enchant students of all levels in the creative arts who desire to learn about some of the the greatest creatives in history whilst also embodying their own inner creative heart and spirit to master a deep reverence for life and the magic and miracles all around them.

Dive into a curriculum of wonder-filled creative movements from pre-historic times to modern day surrounded by a community of creative, and enchanted kindred spirits just like you.

Discover your pathway to an enchantment for art and music history today with the Academy Of The Enchanted Arts seasonally updated curriculum.

What is The Academy and how can it help me?

The Academy is a one-of-a-kind, unique art AND music history online monthly membership that I created for YOU so that you can turn a curiosity for learning about the arts from a “one day, maybe…” dream, to a “let’s do it today!” reality.

Inside The Academy, you will find wonder-filled, inspirational, thoughtful and heart-centred content to connect you to every aspect of art and music history from pre-historic times to modern times.

What you learn inside The Academy will nurture your mind and soul, open your heart and imagination, and inspire you to give yourself the trust to lead with curiosity, playfulness and creativity in everything you do. 

So how does it work? The Academy teaching philosophy is broken into the following framework:



Are you a deep-thinking soul with a head-spinning with creativity who loves to learn, daydream and imagine the possibilities and wonders of the world around you? Me too!

In the Academy, your insatiably beautiful and curious mind will be nurtured, inspired and developed by learning about the rich historical context and setting for the works of the artists and musicians that we meet.



At its heart, the arts are about discovering something new within ourselves and then bringing that special something into the world.

In the Academy, we will open our heart to the artists and humans we meet.

Why should we learn with an open heart? Because when you learn and are inspired with an open heart, your life flows with more joy and creativity.



At the end of each month in The Academy, we will think with our hands. As we reflect on the work of the artist and musicians we meet, we will use our creative hands to devise and create a fun, joyful and meaningful creation based on the learnings from our minds and hearts.

You will feel your creativity and joy flow as you use the inspirational works we have explored to create your own beautiful physical piece to treasure as we deepen our exploration of the arts together.


Shirley Ann Aphrodite Artist

“Thank you for bringing us such richness and depth of the exquisite world of art and it’s history.”

Here are your pathways to discover in The Academy…

This is what you get every single month in The Academy so that you’ll be able to marvel at the magic and miracles all around you. 


Lecture Series

The Lecture Series will enable you to learn about a variety of musical and artistic periods throughout history where we will meet influential artists and musicians who are so often left out of the mainstream education. As a result, the Lecture Series includes a partial donation to a charity that is linked to the work of the creative that we explore together.



The Academy Workshop series are our most popular pathway where you can experience the enchantment of the arts through highly imaginative adventures. Each workshop contains lovingly curated video lessons alongside a beautiful bespoke activity that you will create at the end of the workshop. The Academy workshops will fill your heart and spirit with wonder. 


Immersive Courses

The immersive course pathways at the Academy are curated yearly to enable you to deeply experience the pure rapture, awe and enchantment of the arts. These courses will fill your heart with reverence for this world that you will learn to embody beyond our learning experience together. These are a one-of-a-kind adventure to be cherished that you will never forget.



From London, to Paris, to Amsterdam, to Florence, with many more dreamy destinations in mind, the Academy Of The Enchanted Arts retreats are an opportunity to come together and be enriched by the arts in some of the most breathtaking locations for the creative arts in the world. Plans for in-person workshops are also imagined for the future. 

Here’s what’s already happening or coming up in The Academy…

Would you like an exclusive sneak peek into The Academy of  Music and Art history? Here are the topics we’ll be starting with to nurture your mind and soul, open your heart and imagination, and inspire you in all you do:


Claude Monet's Enchanted Paradise

Do you desire to experience Claude Monet’s enchanted garden in Giverny and learn how to cultivate your own heaven on Earth? Do you also long to experience the sights and sounds of other elements of the Impressionist period?

This Spring, The Academy Of The Enchanted Arts invites you to experience the debut workshop experience titled ‘Claude Monet’s Enchanted Paradise’ currently on a Beta exclusive pre-order discount. 


Paul Klee and Scleroderma

June is Scleroderma Awareness Month with the 29th June marking World Scleroderma Day.

The actual date, June 29th, commemorates the date when Swiss-German artist, Paul Klee (1879 – 1940) died of this disease.

As someone who lives with Scleroderma, I feel so deeply into the above words because I know so intimately that both ‘movement and fluidity’ would have severely impeded Klee’s personal movement, and how the debilitating symptoms would affect his work.


The Renaissance

There was a strong relationship between music and the visual arts during the Renaissance. Together we’ll learn how they drew inspiration from each other to create a ‘rebirth’ of the arts.


Music and Art in the age of The Pre-Raphaelites

19th century Britain saw a rebirth of British music and art, passionately supported not only by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert but also by the rising new middle-class industrialists and wealthy manufacturers. We’ll dig into what inspired this grand music and art.

Tick, tock, tick, tock.....don't miss out!








Are you ready to open your heart to the music in your paintbrush and welcome the sweet melodies of art history?

No more figuring out the richness of our artistic and musical heritage alone: I’m here to be your personal guide into the arts.