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Welcome to The Enchanted Arts that's dedicated to teaching, inspiring and encouraging curious, open minded, creative souls to step into the magical world of music and art history
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Hi, my name is Georgie, I’m so happy you’re here!

Welcome to a world of enchantment through the arts at The Academy Of The Enchanted Arts.

I invite you to direct your heart, curiosity, creativity and wisdom to the re-enchantment of our world through art and music history education through the lens of enchantment so that you can deepen your reverence for your own life and all the magic and miracles around you.

Through stepping into your online education at the Academy Of The Enchanted Arts you’ll be able to start your journey for a lifelong passion for the creative arts, which will bring you personal fulfillment and reinforce the importance of the joy of creativity for society as a whole.

I truly believe that the arts are one of most powerful forces for happiness and healing in the world, and it’s my life-purpose to help as many people as possible discover this.

Are you ready to begin your most enchanted adventure into art and music history? 

Are you ready to experience the enchantment of art and music history together?

There’s not an inch of this earth that hasn’t been touched by creativity. I’m here to guide you through the history of art and music so that you’ll marvel at the magic and miracles all around you.

Discover the joy of art and music history through the Painting Music shop. LAUNCHING IN THE AUTUMN OF 2021

Get ready to break out the paintbrushes with the Painting Music Craft Project e-books and many more exclusives.

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Open your heart to the music in your paint brush and welcome the sweet melodies of art history with a life-changing way of learning about music and art history.

The first music and art history academy all in one!

The Academy: Art and Music History School


My students inspire me further on the path of teaching through my workshops. Art and music truly hold ceaseless wonder and I can’t wait to share my workshops with you.

Please contact me to find out when I am next able to lead music and art history workshops.

Art and Music Workshops



Shelley (from a Painting and Music Workshop)

Thank you so much for the class today. And your whole story has finished inspiring my life. Please keep inspiring us with your daily art and music history articles!

Lee (from a Painting Music and Art workshop)

My whole approach to learning about the arts has changed so much these past few months thanks to you. I wonder how it’ll change in years. I wonder bout all the new art techniques and methods that will be birthed by me because of this new freedom you have taught me through these amazing artists. Thanks so much!

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Open your heart to the music in your paint brush and welcome the sweet melodies of art history with a life-changing way of learning about music and art history in ‘The Academy’

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